Joshua Kohlmann’s original songs, artwork, recorded music and related merchandise all available for purchase here. Simply click on the links, order and enjoy!


MP3 Music Files for download

The Creation Song

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Satisfied With My Socks

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Street Gazers

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Street Gazers: Instrumental

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Sheet Music

All Joshua’s songs are written for middle voice and piano and many are included here. Each one can be ordered  here for £1.99 each.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced pianists but not recommended for the beginner.

The music is printed using the Sibelius music program.

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The Narrow Way

Joshua is also a graphic artist with a refreshingly offbeat view of the world. The Narrow Way is a series of Biblically-themed cartoon drawings designed to breathe fresh life and fun into the stories of Scripture. The collection is being updated all the time, with images from the life of Moses, the parables of Jesus, Eden, the Flood, the Christmas story and the Book of Daniel. Images are presented in a wooden frame and are subject to copyright.

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Four Suits

Gaudete’s debut EP from 2017.  Four original tracks from pianist/vocalist/songwriter Joshua Kohlmann and flautist/vocalist/percussionist/songwriter Sylvie-D, showcasing their eclectic acoustic folk-jazz-neoclassical style as they explore social, spiritual and environmental issues in a fresh quirky way . £9.99

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GAUDETE ~ Four Suits